Dragon Ball Video Game Information
NES:  Dragon PowerFamicom:  Mystery of ShenlongFamicom:  Wrath of the Demon KingFamicom:  Dragon Ball 3 Story of Goku
Famicom:  Attack of the SaiyajinFamicom:  Battle Against FreezaFamicom:  Battle Against the AndroidsFamicom:  Barcode Battler
Famicom:  Plan to Destroy the SaiyajinFamicom:  Famicom JumpSuper Famicom:  Legend of the SaiyajinSuper Famicom:  Super Butoden
Super Famicom:  Super Butoden 2Super Famicom:  Super Butoden 3Super Famicom:  Super Gokuden 1Super Famicom:  Hyper Dimension
Super Famicom:  Super Gokuden 2Megadrive:  Buu Yuu RetsudenPC-Engine Duo:  The Legend of SonGokuGameboy:  Goku Hishouden
Gameboy:  Goku GekitoudenPlaydia:  Plan to Destroy the Saiyajin Part 1Playdia:  Plan to Destroy the Saiyajin Part 2PlayStation:  Ultimate Battle 22
PlayStation:  Dragon Ball LegendsPlayStation:  Dragon Ball GT Final BoutSaturn:  Shin ButodenSaturn:  Dragon Ball Legends
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