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Resurrection of the Demon King Label

Resurrection of the Demon King

System: Famicom
Release Date: August, 1988

Game Description:
Join Goku as he races to battle Piccolo Daimao and save the Earth! Fight hoardes of monsters in RPG style while searching various locations from the Dragon Ball story.

Game Review:

This game is set up kind of like a graphic adventure. You spend much of the game walking around areas by chosing to go North, South, East, or West. In each location you can chose to use or pick up items and talk to people. Other sequences are played out by chosing a numbered card and moving that many spaces along a track, sort of like a board game. For the first time, battles are in the card format that is used for almost all of the rest of the games in the series. Instead of using action sequences to illustrate the battle as in later games in the series, slightly animated still frame pictures of Goku and his enemies are shown.

This is one of those NES games with just annoying sounds throughout that can give you a headache with prolonged exposure. For example, every time someone speaks, it makes a beep for each letter that shows up on the screen.

Due to the language barrier, I can't seem to get very far into the game. I get stuck in the city searching for Bulma. All in all, it doesn't hold my attention like it might have in 1988, but it's still an interesting game.

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The Plus Side:
  • The first game to use the unique card battle system
  • Graphic adventure style gameplay mixed with RPG elements
The Negative Side:
  • Annoying sounds and music
  • Difficult to play without knowledge of Japanese

Piccolo Daimao makes an announcement on TV Goku on his way from the Kame House
Goku kicks a monster Goku searching the big city.
Multimedia Files:
None yet.

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