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Super Gokuden 2 Label

Super Gokuden 2

System: Super Famicom
Release Date: September, 1995

Game Description:
In this continuation of Super Gokuden 1, follow Goku's adventures starting with his battle against Piccolo at the Tenkaichi Budokai and ending with his defeat of Freeza. Like before, try and keep it as close to the comic as possible. Can you finish the game perfectly?

Game Review:

The interface appears to be much the same as its predecessor's, but has actually been improved in several areas. You still have to select what moves are initiated by particular key presses, but now the opponent's move is shown on the screen for you to decide how to retaliate. You don't have to wait for Goku or Gohan to walk to a certain point on the screen. You can attack whenever you want! A blue border around the name of your move indicates that your opponent is about to get attacked. A red border indicates that it's your turn to take damage. Green means that the round is a draw. The graphics are much improved over Goku Den 1. Transparent glowing effects, scrolling battle fields, and huge fireball attacks really add to the gameplay. I have yet to encounter any mazes in the game like in Goku Den 1. That is a big plus!

In spite of these improvements, it's still not much more fun than its predecessor. Not only that, but it is VERY hard! I fought Raditz dozens of times before finally defeating him. Don't expect to walk through this one easily. Often there will be decisions to make on the screen. These are usually a choice of what Goku will do or say. If you don't pick the exact path that Goku took in the manga then you will not get the best ending. For example, when ChiChi appears at the Tenkaichi Budoukai you can choose either to recognize her or to not recognize her. If you choose to recognize her then you will not fight her. This is the wrong choice, because Goku did fight her in the comic, so you won't get the best ending. You can tell if you made the right choice if you hear a chime. If you are wrong you hear a buzzer.

This game is well put together, but leaves out a lot of the excitement of the show. Give it a shot and see what you think, but I recommend it only for the serious Dragon Ball Z fan.

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The Plus Side:
  • Exciting visuals
  • Covers DBZ's story through the Freeza Saga
The Negative Side:
  • Very difficult...requires patience
  • Even more difficult without a knowledge of Japanese

The title screen Super Saiyan Goku ready to attack Freeza
Goku ready with a KameHameHa for Piccolo Goku Vs. Piccolo (Majunior) as he becomes 50 feet tall

Multimedia Files:
None as of yet. I'll try to make one soon.

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