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Dragon Ball Z: Attack of the Saiyajin Label

DBZ: Attack of the Saiyajin

System: Famicom
Release Date: October, 1990

Game Description:
Raditz has arrived on Earth and kidnapped Gohan! Goku and Piccolo must save him and prepare to face the greater threat of Vegita and Nappa in the first Dragon Ball Z game ever.

Game Review:

The RPG fighting engine in Attack of the Saiyajin is the model by which Battle Against Freeza, Battle Against the Androids, Plan to Destroy the Saiyajin, and even The Legend of the Super Saiyajin for the Super Famicom were designed. Like the Mario Brothers games, each successive game improves on the previous in some way.

Still, this game is good, and is fun to play, even if it is a little short. If you've played any of the other "Card Battle System" games, then you'll pick up on this one right away.

Battles are more interesting to watch than in the earlier Dragon Ball games that feature this fighting system, in that the characters actually move around the screen and illustrate more accurately what is happening.

Decent music, quality graphics, and solid gameplay make this a game worth checking out.

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The Plus Side:
  • Good NES graphics
  • Quality sound
  • Intriguing RPG style gameplay
The Negative Side:
  • Fairly short
  • Not very difficult
The title screen.Piccolo gets a good kick in on RaditzGoku and Piccolo head out to battle RaditzGoku begins his search at the Kame House
Multimedia Files:
None yet.
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