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Goku Hishouden Label

DBZ: Goku Hishouden

System: Gameboy
Release Date: November, 1994

Game Description:
This game begins with Goku being trained by Kami in his floating palace and ends after the defeat of Vegita. Combat is RPG/Strategy oriented, as the player chooses when to move, charge energy, punch, kick, or do any number of different special attacks, then watches as the events take place. You must take an active part in dodging attacks by pressing appropriate buttons at just the right moments. Fight to save the Earth from Vegita, or just face off against the other Z soldiers in a Tenkaichi Budokai tournament.

Game Review:

It seems to me that many Gameboy games aren't that good. They're fun for a little bit, then the novelty wears off. This didn't happen to me while playing this game. The sound is excellent for the Gameboy, the graphics are highly detailed (some scenes are taken directly from the comic), and the action stays interesting.

Dispersed throughout the game are smaller action elements in which you must make Goku run as fast as he can down Snake Way without falling off. This breaks up the monotony of the strategic turn based combat, but is more cute than fun.

The combat system itself is pretty unique. Depending on your speed, you or your opponent may get to strike first, or even two times before they can get a move in. When your turn comes up, you can choose several different actions to take in a specific order. For example, if in one turn you'd like Goku to kick his opponent, move one space away, fire a KameHameHa, charge some Ki, and then hit him with a KaiOhKen X3, you can do just that.

This game also makes good use of the Super Gameboy features by adding appropriate colors and a nifty border (seen in these screenshots). Since the Gameboy requires no adaptor to play import games, you can impress all of your friends by bringing this game around to show them. I enjoyed it!

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The Plus Side:
  • Artwork straight from the manga
  • Good sound effects
  • Innovative gameplay
  • Combat more fun and varied than in Pokemon
The Negative Side:
  • Not a lot of variety
  • Side scrolling Mario-style sections are a little annoying
Goku chooses his plan of attackGoku fires a KameHameHaGoku getting punched by a SaibaimanThe ending:  Kuririn lets Vegita go

Multimedia Files:
None as of yet. I'll try to make one soon.

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