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DBZ Goku Gekitouden Label

DBZ: Goku Gekitouden

System: Gameboy
Release Date: August, 1995

Game Description:
The game begins as Kuririn, Gohan, and Bulma are attacked by Freeza's henchmen on Namek, and follows the story through the defeat of Freeza by Goku. Gameplay is very simillar to Goku Hishouden, with the player selecting attacks before combat begins, then watching the battles unfold. There is also a two player mode for link cable combat.

Game Review:

The gameplay is unique, particularly if you haven't played Goku Hishouden. You select your sequence of moves (block, attack, fireball, charge, guided fireball, etc.) before the fight begins with a limited amount of time to choose, sort of like in a football videogame. Then, the battle takes place with the heads of the characters moving around on a grid in the center of the screen, and a graphic representation of what the characters are doing is illustrated above through very nicely detailed drawings. You charge your power, aim, and attack. A hit point damage value shows up on the screen and damage is subtracted.

Once again, there is enhanced color and a border if you use the Super Gameboy to play it, which is a nice touch.

Unlike in its predecessor, you only have a limited time to choose your attacks, which can be annoying, especially to those of us for whom Japanese is not our first language. Still, the game is quite above average for a Gameboy title.

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The Plus Side:
  • Nice Super Gameboy border
  • Graphics straight from the manga
  • Combat is faster than in Hishouden
  • Shooting frogs is fun
The Negative Side:
  • Fairly difficult at times
  • Running from Dodoria is a pain
Piccolo and Kuririn shooting frogs...Two of Freeza's men smash up Kami's old shipKuririn Vs that other guyGohan fighting Kui

Multimedia Files:
None as of yet. I'll try to make one soon.

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