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Plan to Destroy the Saiyans Part 1 Label

DBZ: The Plan to Destroy the Saiyans

System: Bandai Playdia
Release Date: September, 1994

Game Description:
The evil Dr. Raiichi has set up Destron gas units all over Earth. These machines are blocking the Z team's Ki attacks, and are slowly rendering them powerless. Goku, Gohan, Piccolo and the gang must travel all over the Earth, finding these machines and destroying them. In the final battle, Trunks and Vegita arrive to help the others fight many enemies they defeated long ago, such as Freeza, Slug, Taurus, and Cooler!

Game Review:

Great animation, an original story created just for the game, and lots of your favorite villains from the past making a return appearance! Freeza, Cooler, Slug, and Taurus all show up to be fought by Trunks, Goku, Piccolo, Gohan, and Vegita in this game. Not to mention an army of generic monsters and 5 big machines to blow up. At certain key points in the story, the action pauses for you to chose what to do. Do you want to punch, kick, or KameHameHa? In some instances, every choice is right, but will just change what you see. At other times you have to chose where to go inside a pyramid or a volcano, find the right location where the machine you must destroy is hidden, or chose whether a fan, snow, or an asbestos suit is the best way to get Piccolo past molten lava. The game is exciting to watch and has a decent amount of replay value due to the fact that some events only occur if you make a mistake, but are worth playing to see. Some elements appear to be random.

There is a pause button on the controller so you can freeze any picture you want to look at better. That's how I got all of these screenshots.

On the downside, this game is way too short and easy. I beat it the day I got it before I ate breakfast! The times when you are in control of the characters' actions are surprisingly few and far between. Entire battles are carried out without a single chance to interact. This was disappointing, and if the game weren't so fun to watch I would probably be more upset. I can't help but get the feeling that this game was designed for very small kids. I think a 4 year old could beat it. Also, you can't skip boring elements of the game after you've seen them, like the long speech by Bulma and the intro sequence. On top of that, the game ends without you ever meeting the real bad guy, and says "to be continued" on the screen. In spite of these shortcomings, this is still a fun and really cool collectors item.

Multimedia Files:
playdia1.rm (342K file): A 14.3 second RealMedia clip showing Piccolo trying to enter a volcano using an fire retardent suit, and failing humorously.

playdia2.rm (543K file): A 22.9 second RealMedia clip showing Trunks fighting Freeza.

playdia3.rm (554K file): A 23.9 second RealMedia clip showing Gohan really beating the stuffing out of Taurus.

playdia4.rm (351K file): A 16.2 second RealMedia clip of Piccolo using his arm stretch technique against Slug.

playdia5.rm (368K file): A 19.1 second RealMedia clip showing Vegita nailing Freeza with his Big Bang Attack.

playdia6.rm (371K file): A 14.3 second RealMedia clip. Remember the movie where Gohan found out that his whistling drove Namekians crazy, and used it to defeat Slug (driving Piccolo to rip his own ears off and grow them back later)? Then you'll appreciate this one.

playdia7.rm (759K file): A 32.5 second RealMedia clip showing Goku punching the stuffing out of a bunch of monsters outside Capsule Corporation Headquarters.

playdia8.rm (474K file): A 21 second RealMedia clip showing Piccolo missing Slug with his Makkan Ko Sappo (or to you American DBZ fans, "Special Beam Cannon").

The Plus Side:
  • Original animation
  • New battles with old enemies
  • Decent replay value
The Negative Side:
  • Way too short
  • Way too easy
  • Can't skip things you've seen before
  • Not enough opportunities for interaction

Punch, Kick, or KameHameHa?Gohan uses a computerGoku blocks a punchChoose a characterGohan punches a monster Gohan prepares to destroy a machineFan, Snow capsule, or Asbestos suit?Makkan Ko Sappo!Hit at the right moment or you lose!

Trunks vs FreezaWe did it!

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