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Plan to Destroy the Saiyans part 2 Label

DBZ: The Plan to Destroy the Saiyans Part 2

System: Bandai Playdia
Release Date: December, 1994

Game Description:
Picking up where it's predecessor left off, DBZ: The Plan to Destroy the Saiyans Part 2 finds Goku, Gohan, Piccolo, Trunks, and Vegita traveling through space to the home of Dr. Raichi, the mastermind behind the Destron Gas incident that the Z Soldiers were up against in part 1. Dr. Raichi is the last of the technological race that the Saiyans wiped off of planet Vegita centuries ago. His desire for vengeance has led him to attempt to destroy the last remaining members of the Saiyan race.

After finding the planet where he resides, the Z team fights and defeats Dr. Raichi, only to discover that they must now face his ultimate creation before they can return home.

Game Review:
There are a few improvements in this game over it's predecessor. First of all, you can skip boring parts of the animation by pressing a button on the controller, unlike in part 1, where you were forced to watch the same explanatory sequences over and over each time you played. Also, pressing start brings up a screen that shows how many senzu Piccolo has left, which represents the number of times you can make a mistake and be able to try again.

There seem to be several different paths you can take in this game, and I have not exhausted them all. At one point you choose which of 3 planets to visit. Depending on which you choose, you may not be able to visit them all. On the planets you obtain special items...I have no idea about their significance.

Some of the in-game choices are merely decisions about what a character will say. I assume that they are designed to allow kids to have their favorite characters get the attention.

Another section of the game has you choosing which direction to go within a maze of caverns (similar to events in part 1). During this section you will encounter enemies, and one of your characters will decide to make the attack. Like in part 1, you must press the button at precisely the right moment to pull off the attack, and each character has a different way of targeting, to try and keep it interesting.

The graphics during the cave section have a decidedly different look to them. I believe that they were drawn on a computer, and are not cel animated.

This game seems even shorter than the first one! As I made these screenshots, I had a buddy of mine playing through it for the first time. He beat it in no time flat. Perhaps there is a perfect ending? Maybe there are paths you can take that make the game longer, but I doubt it.

It's kind of annoying that you can't freeze the action and look at a single frame like you could in the first one. All you get here when you pause it is a screen showing your remaining senzu.

Well, this is another game that is more of a collectors item than it is actually fun to play. There still wasn't enough interaction. It completed my DBZ game collection, and I'm glad for that, but I had hoped for a bit more.

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Multimedia Files:

Expect some soon.

The Plus Side:
  • Original animation
  • You can skip scenes you have viewed before
  • A cool new enemy
  • Decent replay value for a Full Motion Video game
The Negative Side:
  • Even shorter than its predecessor
  • Way too easy
  • Not enough opportunities for interaction

Choose which planet to visit

Blasted by an attackVegita attacksTrunks and Gohan are shocked...Piccolo's coolDr. RaichiHow should Goku retaliate? Dr. Raichi's monster attacks GokuTrunks prepares his signature move, "Burning Attack"Goku times his KameHameHa just right......and Dr. Raichi's monster can't block it.

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