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Legend of SonGoku Label

The Legend of SonGoku

System: PC-Engine
Release Date: November, 1994

Game Description:
The Legend of SonGoku illustrates seven of Goku's greatest battles (at the time of publication): Fighting Tao Pai Pai, challenging Tenshinhan at the Tenkaichi Budokai, destroying Piccolo Daimao (who had killed Kuririn, Master Roshi, and Chaozu), Fighting Piccolo at the Tenkaichi Budokai, protecting Earth from Vegita, saving Namek from Freeza and avenging the Saiyans, and selflessly sacrificing his life to save the world from Perfect Cell.

The game consists of Gohan telling Goten stories about their father Goku, who died before Goten was born. As each story is told, it is your job to play out the battles as they occurred in the series. Other characters from the series will occasionally stop by and help Gohan tell the tales. Cinematics beautifully illustrate each chapter in graphic detail.

Game Review:

I love this game. The more I play it, the more I love it. If you're a true Dragon Ball fan it is worth buying a TurboDuo just so you can play this game (although there are plenty of other great reasons to own a TurboDuo). Since this game is on CD, the cinematic scenes are wonderful, and the actual gameplay is unlike any other. The characters not only jump up and down, but backwards and forwards on the play field in a flurry of quick attacks that looks very much like the action on the show. Depending on the battle you choose, Goku will be different ages and at different levels of ability, ranging from a very young boy who just learned the KameHameHa, to a grown man at Super Saiyan level 2. Each enemy must be defeated with the same move as in the original series, and a spectacular animation sequence is unleashed for each opponents demise...or for yours. After the initial six scenes (more like a combination of strategy, quick reflexes, and interactive animated movies) have been fought and won, the final battle with Cell is unlocked. As in the show, Goku sacrifices his life for the world and you must take control of Gohan to finish Cell off in the final section of the game.

It is not a fighting game as you might expect. No matter where you are, pushing right causes Goku to advance toward his opponent. Pushing left causes him to retreat. You can choose among block, neutral, aggressive, and, if Goku is old enough, energy blast by pressing up and down on the control pad and holding down button 1 to activate the selection. This is very hard to get used to and is as much strategy oriented as it is action oriented. Once you've hit your opponent enough to win the energy tug-of-war, you get a chance to actually hurt him. Depending on the amount of energy you have charged up you can choose from increasingly powerful moves. The computer then chooses its retaliation move and how much energy to spend on it. Now you sit back and watch as the round takes place. After a hit or miss, damage due is subtracted and the tug-of-war continues. These battles can rage on for very long periods of time, between 30 minutes and 1 hour each if you're good at it. Some people might not like this sort of thing. I personally love it.

This game is a true classic that I would not part with for any amount of money. My only complaint is that the game was released before the series was completed, so the Buu saga isn't represented.

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The Plus Side:
  • Wonderful cinematics
  • Relive Goku's greatest battles
  • Great look and feel
  • Gameplay varies from stage to stage, keeping it interesting
The Negative Side:
  • I wish it were longer
  • Load times are sometimes long

Goku faces off against Perfect Cell All 7 opponents
Goku fighting Tao PaiPai Goku fighting Perfect Cell

Multimedia Files:
Visit my YouTube channel to see footage I recorded of the entire game!

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