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Dragon Ball Z Legends Label

DBZ: Legends

System: Sony PlayStation
Release Date: May, 1996

Game Description:
Dragon Ball Z Legends reinacts the great battles of the Dragon Ball Z story, including the battle against Nappa, Vegita, the Ginew Force, Freeza, Androids No. 19 and No. 20, Androids No. 16, No. 17, and No. 18, Cell, Darbura, Buu, Super Buu, and Kid Buu. It's all here. The story unfolds in cinematic sequences between battles. Try to follow as closely to the real story as you can, or pick any 3 of the characters you've beaten so far and fight against your friend and his 3 favorites.

Game Review:
Dragon Ball Z Legends plays very much like the fantastic Legend of SonGoku game for the PC-Engine (TurboDuo), although it lacks the cinematics and variety of its predecessor. The main difference is that in this game there can be up to 3 characters on either side of the battle. The battles are fought until the balance of power is swayed completely in one direction, after which the selected character unleashes a huge and usually spectacular attack on his opponent. Speaking of characters, there are a lot of them! After beating the game there are a total of 35 characters to choose from in the Versus mode. Being able to power up and fly fast creates a cool effect, and all of the sound effects are straight from the show. Watching the battles is at times much like watching the series. The story starts with the battle with Nappa and Vegeta and moves through the end of the series (the battle with Boo). In most cases you can make things happen the way they did in the original series, but you don't have to. All in all this is a great game!

Like the PC-Engine game, the play mechanics are very strange at first. Pushing up moves you toward your opponent, and pushing down moves you away. There are no special combos really, and the super moves are executed automatically. I wish more of the characters had more than one attack. Kuririn doesn't even do his kienzan, and Trunks doesn't do his Finish Buster. You don't have to win the fights in the way they were won in the series like you do in the PC-Engine game, which is kind of silly at times. For example, Vegeta can defeat Boo in the final battle, instead of Goku. Like the Big Bang Attack could have killed Boo...oh well. ;)

The Playstation version of this game is just a bit on the easy side. I beat it in a very short time the first time I played. Also, the Versus mode is almost worthless against a buddy unless you both only choose 1 character, as the action gets too far away and you can't tell what is going on. Still, this is the best Dragon Ball game that has been released for the Playstation, and it shouldn't be hard to find since it was released in massive quantities due to its popularity (it was even re-released in the PlayStation Best series in Japan).

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The Plus Side:
  • Fast fighting action, just like on the show
  • Follows the entire Dragon Ball Z story
  • Great sound effects
  • Nice looking special attacks
The Negative Side:
  • Can be frustrating and confusing
  • Two player mode is almost unplayable
  • Intro movie isn't very good
  • Not really a straight up fighting game

Piccolo Vs. FreezaVegitoSuper Boo prepares an attackCell fires a KameHameHa at Gohan

Multimedia Files:

Expect some soon.

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