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Dragon Power Label

Dragon Power

System: NES
Release Date: 1986

Game Description:
The first and only Dragon Ball game to be released in the USA! Kick and punch your way alongside Goku and Nora (Bulma) in this action game as they journey for the 7 Dragon Balls to summon the dragon.

Game Review:

Originally I was under the impression that no Dragon Ball game had ever been translated and brought to American shores.

Unfortunately, I was wrong.

Who's the idiot that decided Goku needed all of his hair removed, KameSennin needed a longer beard and a toga, and that Oolong and Bulma's names needed to be changed to Pudgy and Nora?

Here are some choice examples of the pathetic translation and hacking up of the original story line: After Goku takes the turtle back to the sea, Goku is rewarded with the flying cloud by KameSennin. Here's what happens next in Dragon Power:

Nora (Bulma): Hey I want one too!

KameSennin: Okay give me your sandwich.

Nora: Hey what do you guys want a sandwich for?

Following that is an animated sequence of KameSennin with sandwiches floating around his head (see the third picture at right). This was an effort to clean up dirty old KameSennin's original request. The sandwich is really a graphic of a pair of panties turned upside down.

Here's another great line from the game, where Goku first goes to the town where in the original series the shape-shifting pig Oolong has been abducting the local girls. They begged Goku to defeat him and free the girls. Here's how it goes in Dragon Power...

Townsperson: Pudgy lives here he does mischief by changing shape. He doesn't like to share food with people. If you beat him I will give you ball.

Nora: It's a deal.

Oh no! He doesn't share his food!?! If there's ever been justification for beating somebody up, this has go to be it.

The game goes on and on in this way. Of course, the Japanese version wasn't a much better game, but it still held true to the Dragon Ball story.

If you are interested in this game -- and I'm not sure why you would be unless you're a collector like me -- then check your local Funcoland, eBay, or anywhere else that offers used NES games. Chances are they will have SEVERAL copies. It's a bad game. Bad, bad, bad.

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The Plus Side:
  • The only US Dragon Ball NES game
  • Kung Fu action
  • You can turn it off anytime you want
The Negative Side:
  • Awful character look changes
  • Horrendous name changes
  • Master Roshi trades his Dragon Ball for a sandwich
  • The game wasn't any fun in the first place

Goku fights a bandit Bulma is captured by somebody
KameSennin looking at his "sandwich" Goku searching for Pudgy
Multimedia Files:

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