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Super Butoden 3 Label

DBZ: Super Butoden 3

System: Super Famicom
Release Date: September, 1994

Game Description:
Fight as Goku, Gohan, Goten, Mirai Trunks, Chibi Trunks, Majin Vegita, Majin Boo, No. 18, KaiOhShin, or Darbura against your friends or a computer opponent. Battle in an eight man Tenkaichi Budokai and see who wins.

Game Review:
I waited a long time for this game to come out, and when I had beaten it in one day my response was a resounding, "What the heck!?!"

This is Super Butoden 2 with some different characters. The only changes to the controls are that you can now fly up or down while on the same screen as your opponent and you can charge up much faster. While these changes are welcome, they don't make up for the fact that there is absolutely no story mode. You can play one on one matches against a friend or the computer, but if you want to see any credits in this game you merely have to win the Tenkaichi Budokai.

There are only a few backgrounds in this game, and many of them are just the same places at different times of day, which is cheap if you ask me. Piccolo would have added some variety and color to the character lineup. Instead, we have a purple guy, a pink guy, a red guy, and seven blondes. If you aren't a big fan of the show, you might not even be able to tell them apart by their selection screen pictures.

I like complaining, but don't get me wrong; this is a solid fighting game for the Super Famicom. I had just hoped for something much more spectacular and varied from its predecessor.

By the way, the rumors that Goku at Super Saiyan Level 3 is a hidden character in this game are false. When this game was made, the battle against Boo was still underway in both the manga and the anime. SSJ3 had not been introduced yet.

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The Plus Side:
  • Controls even better than in Super Butoden 2
  • Mirai Trunks is a hidden character
  • The only 16-bit DBZ game with Darbura as a playable character
The Negative Side:
  • No story mode
  • Same game, different characters
  • Special moves are excecuted the same way as in every other DBZ game
  • Only 3 characters without blonde hair
  • Mirai Trunks is the ONLY hidden character
Only 3 characters without blonde hair... Majin Boo lets off some steam
Kaiohshin fighting more than he ever did in the show Goten throwing Chibi Trunks
Multimedia Files:
If you don't already have it, download the FREE RealMedia player by clicking this graphic.

buto3_1.rm (970 KB file): A 39.2 second RealMedia clip of KaiOhShin beating the stuffing out of Majin Boo.
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